Areopoli Travel Guide 2024- Written By Locals

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Lefteris OikonomouMarch 30 2024

Areopoli, my home, is nested in the heart of the Mani Peninsula in Peloponnese, Greece. It combines dramatic landscapes, historical depth, and a unique architectural style.

This guide is written by us (me and my family), who have lived here most of our lives. It introduces you to the must-visit spots, local cuisine, accommodation options, and tips for making the most of your visit to Areopoli.


History and Culture Of Areopoli

Areopoli has two stories about its name origin.

  1. Areopoli means "City of Ares," the ancient Greek god of war. Our village lives up to its name with a history of battles and a fierce spirit of independence. Petrompeis Mavromichalis and its allies started the Greek War of Independence in 1821 from our local square. Every year, on 17 March, we commemorate this moment by organizing our famous local celebration.

  2. Areopoli gets its name from the Greek word "αέρας," which means wind. You probably won't notice it in the summertime, but if you visit us in winter, you will understand why. Our winds are so strong that can rip out the olive trees.

Our heritage is everywhere, from our cobbled streets to our local cuisine. Areopoli is known for its well-preserved tower houses and stone-built structures that reflect our tradition of fortification and defense.

Attractions Areopoli

I will guide you through the main attractions in and close to Areopoli.

  • Historic Center: Our historic center is the heart of Areopoli. Narrow pebbled alleys offer traditional cafés, restaurants, bars, and souvenirs. Everything is built with stone. The central square, Plateia Athanaton, is a focal point with its towering church, Agios Taxiarchis.

  • Tower Houses: Exploring the tower houses is like stepping back in time. These stone structures, some still inhabited, were built for defensive purposes and now serve as a testament to our architecture.

  • Caves of Diros: The Caves of Diros is unlike anything you have seen before. They are the largest caves in the Balkans. It's a short drive from Areopoli. The are buses that take you there. You can take a boat ride through stalactites and stalagmites.

  • Limeni: Limeni is our most iconic beach. It's close to Areopolis, and you can get there by car and bus. It offers crystal-clear waters, sea sports, beautiful sunsets, places to eat and drink, and a chance to see water turtles.



Areopoli offers a range of accommodation options, from traditional guesthouses and boutique hotels to tower houses. Most are built with stones, providing a unique experience that complements the historical surroundings.

Local Cuisine Areopoli

Our cuisine is a reflection of our history. It's made of simple and pure ingredients. Below are the things from Mani that you must try.


Diples is our most traditional sweet treat. There is no celebration in Mani without it. Diples are made of thin sheets of dough rolled, fried, and then drizzled with honey and crushed walnuts.



Often called Mani's pancakes or tiganides, lalagia are handmade deep-fried dough strips. They're a favorite among both locals and visitors. They can be made crispy or soft, and the soft ones must be freshly baked. In our bakery, we bake lalagia every day. They can be enjoyed as a breakfast item or a snack, often paired with cheese or dipped in honey.


Mani's Milk Pie (Galatopita):

Our Milk Pie is a creamy, delicious dish made with simple ingredients—milk and eggs. This custard pie is baked until golden. It offers a soothing balance of sweet and savory flavors. It's a testament to our tradition of turning basic ingredients into delightful treats.



Tsouxti is our local dish with pasta. It's made from traditional pasta with local mizithra cheese and fried eggs on top. It's another example of our culture to create delicious recipes from little and simple ingredients.

Pulled Pie (Trabixti)

Trabixti is a type of pie that involves a unique method of preparation. The dough is stretched and pulled into thin layers before being cooked. These layers are stuffed with either local cheese or a mixture of local cheese. It is also made without filling but with a piece of local cheese on the side.


Local Olives and Olive Oil

Mani produces some of the finest olives and olive oil in the Mediterranean. The local varieties of olives are often enjoyed on their own. Olives also produce pure and delicious olive oil, which is good for your health.



Sigklino is smoked pork, traditionally preserved through smoking and then marinating in orange and herbs, which imparts a unique flavor. We often serve it in omelets, but you can enjoy it as part of a meze platter or in traditional dishes.

Local Honey:

In Mani, bees forage on a wide variety of wildflowers and herbs, resulting in honey that's rich in flavor and aroma. This golden elixir is a staple in many local dishes and desserts. It is celebrated for its health benefits. It's used in drizzling over pastries like Diples and Lalagia or simply as a spread on bread or yogurt.


Our bakery serves all the above: freshly baked lallagia, fresh milk pie out of the oven, handmade diples, and pulled pies. You can also find a variety of Mani's local products.

Travel Tips

How do you get to Areopoli?

The nearest airport is Kalamata International Airport, from which you can rent a car or take a bus to Areopoli. The drive offers scenic views of the Mani Peninsula.

You can get here by bus or car from Athens. For bus rides, visit KTEL Lakonias for more information.

What's the best time to visit Areopoli?

Summer is the best time to visit Areopoli. It's the most popular season, and you'll find everything you need for a comfortable stay. The weather is also perfect for beach days.

Thanks to our local celebration, March 17th is another excellent time to visit.

For a quieter visit, consider coming in May or September. Everything's still open during these months but much less crowded than in the summer.

How long should I stay in Areopoli?

You should visit Areopoli for at least three days. You will need one day to visit the caves of Diros. Probably one more to go to Limeni and the surrounding area. And who doesn't want a day to enjoy the cobbled alleys with a cocktail in hand?

If you plan to stay in Areopolis and explore the Mani area. Then I suggest you take a whole week of your work to do it.

Local Celebrations and Festivals

Check the local festival schedule if you visit in the summer or on March 17th. Areopoli and the surrounding villages host various cultural events, including music, dance, and traditional celebrations.

Open Invitation For you

Whether you are interested in exploring Areopoli's history, landscape, or cuisine, a trip here will be a stunning experience.

We are proud of our hospitality. So, when you come by Areopoli, I invite you to visit us. We are delighted to share our tradition with you.

Beyond tasting our delicious local goods, we can help you spend your time here better. We can inform you about the place to be at the time of your visit, share the stories behind the recipes, and offer more recommendations for hidden gems and must-visit spots in Areopoli that only locals know about.

So, come in for a bite, a chat, or both. We look forward to meeting you and sharing a piece of Areopoli that you'll carry long after your visit.

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